Shudhan KohliCo-Founder and CEO

Shudhan worked as a management consultant for a large US-based firm before seeing the light. He took the entrepreneurial path and went on to create a high end fashion brand that utilized natural materials and socially responsible production. His work was prominently featured in a book called "Sustainable Luxury and Social Entrepreneurship: Stories from the Pioneers" prior to handing over the reigns of his company.

Shudhan then went on to consult over 200 high growth, early stage ecommerce businesses across the Americas; providing expertise in product development, project management, digital marketing and business development.


Akshay HariaCo-Founder

Akshay has served as an executive board member for East Africa's largest distributor of innovative medical equipment and supplies. Leading the company's efforts as Director of Sales & Business Development, he oversaw the business's fastest growth phase which eventually led to a successful exit.

A strong believer in East Africa's potential to become a major innovation hub, Akshay invests in infrastructure and development projects in the region. He comes with a vast network, experience and a thorough understanding of business in Sub-Saharan Africa.