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Sudhan Kohli
Akshay Haria


We are a group of entrepreneurs turned investors. Not only do we obsess over great ideas, but we also have the passion to see them manifest. Using technology, Africa can create social and environmental progress while solving its business problems. This is the concept we focus on. We have experience launching companies and growing them with accelerated momentum. Our hands-on approach helps both start-ups and newly established companies make a positive impact in Africa.

Within a couple decades, Africa is expected to have a larger workforce than China or India. This unprecedented growth is setting the stage for widespread innovation and vanguard technologies. As Africa paves the way forward, East Africa is seeing the rise of Silicon Savannah. With mobile adoption increasing exponentially, the continent is experiencing boundless connectivity and economic growth. Our goal is to expedite this growth by investing in people who believe that the extraordinary is possible. We are ready to help Africa shape the future.




Technology is quickly changing the way we manage our finances. In East Africa, mobile wallets now outnumber traditional bank accounts. From mobile payments to asset management, we are supporting innovative ideas built for tomorrow.


Access to better healthcare is becoming a reality across rural Africa through modernization. Mobile technology is producing real-time information to streamline medical supply chains. This means effectively allocating supplies and services to those who need support. We are committed to building technology where it matters the most.


Knowledge can be taught but how we share it depends on the infrastructure. Now we are beginning to witness the impact of innovation on our education system. Access to information is enabling teachers to communicate and new students to learn. We are creating tools for the next generation of thought leaders.


Agriculture is the largest economic sector in Africa. While land is abundant, the use of modern input is dismally low. With over 25% of the world’s arable land, Africa only produces a fraction of the global agricultural output. This leaves substantial room for growth and innovation. We are shaping the landscape to meet the needs of the planet.


The biggest corporate shift of the century is digitizing the way we do business. E-commerce has redefined how the modern company interacts with its customers. Digital business broadens the scope even wider to build a digital ecosystem inclusive of suppliers and business partners. We are a part of the digital movement.


Efficiently creating energy that doesn't release pollutants into the atmosphere is one of the greatest promises of the high-tech future. There exists a tremendous opportunity for clean energy on the continent. For any growth to be worthwhile, it will have to leave a better planet for our future generations and we actively support such efforts.